Tinkercity Survival Tips ::: The RocknRoller Multi-Cart

In today's issue of Gearheads I'd like to speak about an often overlooked aspect of being a professional musician... Cartage! For most musicians, professional cartage where a company will come and pick up your gear and take it to either a recording session or a live show, just isn't a reality. Most in-town gigging musicians are carrying our own tools of the trade back and forth between often multiple locations --- in and out of the car so many times, I've certainly lost count. While it's a true luxury to have someone else carry the load, and I've been lucky to experience that strange sense of abandon --- the reality is that the working musician is just that! Working on the stage and off the stage. Finding innovative ways to make that work less taxing and safer when transporting all our valuable and often times irreplaceable equipment is key. 

The traditional experience with most musicians doing their own cartage is taking many trips back and forth from home to car, car to venue staging area, staging area to stage... and after playing to your hearts abandon, repeating that process in reverse. That is a lot of trips and energy spent.

Enter the RocknRoller Multi-Cart. It is truly unlike any other multi-cart or hand cart. It's an extremely flexible transportation solution for any working musician. While traditional hand carts are an obvious option, what makes the RocknRoller a much better solution it's it's ability to be used in different configurations, whether it be length or orientation. All the RocknRoller Multi-Carts also break down into a very small portable package. This makes for extremely handy storage that won't take up much space at all in a closet at home or in your studio and more importantly in the trunk of your car on the way to work.

I've been a long time supporter and user of the RocknRoller, finding my first "R2 Micro" about 7 or 8 years ago. I used that cart to it's last fateful breath --- with so many gigs and sessions under it's weathered frame it was the wheel bearings that eventually led me to replace it with a new and improved version. That is an incredible feat for any piece of mechanical machinery to work so well for so many years under extreme circumstances. The folks at RocknRoller have also assured me that the new and improved "R2 Micro" that I've got now doesn't use the same wheel housing and therefore bearings wearing out will never be an issue. With the incredible workmanship they offer, I expect many years of hard cartage from my new "R2 Micro".

Lastly, it goes without saying, the RocknRoller isn't only for the working musician. I have used the multi cart for every single move from either home, studio, gifts at Christmas, laundry baskets, piles of groceries --- it's a single handed solution to being able to carry ALL of what you've got going on in ONE TRIP. That alone is worth it's price of admission! Fold it up and stow it away in your closet and you're good to go. The folks at RocknRoller have truly created a masterpiece for this modern survivalist --- without it, I would admittedly be at a loss. I highly recommend checking one out if you have to carry or transport anything of weight or significance on a routine basis. It will change your life!