HAIM ::: Valentine


Hello friends! Today's Weekly Pick is brought to you by the extremely talented sister trio HAIM. Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim are a unique creative force and their most recent album "Something To Tell You" has been on many repeat spins here at Tinkercity. They have a beautiful classic sound that meets a modern arrangement, that quite honestly is hard to resist.

Valentine, a short film directed by filmmaker and visionary Paul Thomas Anderson, is a beautiful and exciting moody piece shot in the Los Angeles based Valentine Studios. The 3 part piece includes songs: "Right Now," "Something To Tell You" and "Nothing's Wrong," all shot in a minimal one-shot-like format and cut straight to tape. It's live and impressive. The rhythms, melodies and arrangements these three sisters put together are intoxicating. The vibe of the entire video and performance captures the energy and mood of being in a studio on recording day. That might possibly be my favorite aspect of Valentine, the realness of it all -- kudos to Paul Thomas Anderson and Haim for creating this visceral experience. Hope you enjoy as much as I did!