Today's Weekly Update is focused on a very exciting project that I've been working on. Music that can be utilized for meditation and deep thought. Music that can help guide your mind to relax, release the stresses that bind you and help assist your journey away from the powerful thoughts that may hold you hostage.

WHAT MOVES YOU is the first in a series of powerful meditative pieces of music that can help you do exactly that --- MOVE out of your thoughts and INTO a new paradigm of peace and tranquility. Largely melodically driven, the subtle peaks and valleys help open those horizons for you. Purposely lacking any specific percussion, the sounds leap around your space freely. Close your eyes and breathe deeply friends. I hope that this piece of music can help you relax and open your mind to it's own heart song. I look forward to sharing more music in this series with you all soon!

You can sample, purchase & download WHAT MOVES YOU via my new online store here DOWNLOAD "WHAT MOVES YOU"