Brian Buckley Band

Show Reflections: Brian Buckley Band & The Elizabeth Kill 12/16/16

It's always a great feeling to share the stage with friends, especially friends who want to give back in the same way that you do. We had exactly that chance this past December 16th at Molly Malones in Los Angeles, CA. The North Dakota Pipe Line protests from the Standing Rock Tribes have certainly been on our collective minds and what a better way to support them than to donate and make music --- live music!

We all deeply appreciate the support of our audience for joining us on this journey as it was a truly special night of music from both bands for an important cause --- one that certainly isn't over. We must continue to lend our attention to important causes like this, even when they seem to have been handled, taken care of and 'put away'. We've got so much to divide our attention in this world we live in, it's a healthy and good thing to remember what is still there.

We are also very lucky to have great artists in our audiences, in this case taking incredible photos. Major gratitude to EVERYONE for documenting the evening. Below are some really incredible moments from both Ash McClintic & Liz Larson. I personally would like to thank Ash McClintic for her work, which I've used here on this website (Gearheads pedalboard shot).