DAWES "We're All Gonna Die"

It's becoming more and more apparent that anything Mr. Blake Mills touches, I seem to be completely and utterly drawn to. The newest release from DAWES is exactly that. 'We're All Gonna Die" is such a fantastic record on so many levels it's actually hard to describe. I've always dug DAWES and their writing styles and tones but the specificity that is delivered via Blake Mills' (whom actually used be a member of DAWES) production really brings the listener in and holds the gaze right there. I am compelled to many return listens hearing new sounds, new ideas, new lyrical musings --- it's all there man. A standout track for me is"A Picture Of A Man" which yields a very cool Paul Simon meets serious Hammond B3 situation... it's incredible. The whole record is to be honest. One that keeps bringing me back time and time again, and that folks is all I can ask for in music in this life --- bring me back, show me something new every listen. Nothing is disposable about this record and that I love.

Dig on this sample of 'A Picture Of A Man'