CHASETONE '68 Red Velvet Fuzz || ‘Sweet, Creamy, Singing, Multi-Layered 60’s Fuzz Tone!’

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Hello Gearheads! Today I'd like to share my demo of the very cool CHASETONE '68 Red Velvet Fuzz. A hybrid fuzz capable of scratching the Dallas Arbiter itch and then some! At it's heart are a pair of BC183C Silicon Transistors that yield a wide variety of tones.

Kyle Chase set out to recreate the tones and feel of his favorite 1968 BC183 Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face and go beyond the circuit board to push the boundaries of what his pedal could do. What you get is essentially an extremely versatile Silicon Fuzz that sounds great at an extremely affordable price point. I was able to coax very convincing Germanium tones out of the '68 Red Velvet Fuzz and did not find the need to run any additional pedals after it. It's warm and full, yet still absolutely has a cutting brightness assuring that you'll never get lost in the mix.

With a nice feature set, you're able to control quite a bit of the tone of the pedal. Between the MIDS, FEEL & BASS controls, you can tailor the fuzz to pretty much any guitar or amplifier. I also found the "Clean-Up" of the pedal to be quite good, as good as many Germanium Fuzzes I've owned.

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I first came across Kyle Chase's work via his Secret Preamp, an extremely useful piece of equipment, essentially a perfected Maestro EP3 Echoplex's Preamp section. I was blown away by how great it made my rig sound and I'm happy to say that I'm equally impressed by the '68 Red Velvet Fuzz. It's a dynamic, easy to use and great sounding fuzz at a price point that doesn't reflect the tones coming out of the speaker... a win for any tone hunting Gearhead!

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- M.