"Quick-Look" Demo ::: Shin-Ei BIG 1 Booster


Happy Friday Gearheads! Today I'd like to introduce my first video demo in my "Quick-Look" series - focusing on a less produced and more immediate take on a particular piece of gear. Today, I'm happy to share the Shin-Ei BIG 1 Booster - an incredible high headroom, studio quality pre-amp and boost. From a company that has re-birthed the venerable name of Shin-Ei and created quite possibly the best sounding and feeling Uni-Vibe (Vibe Bro) replication on the market, it's no surprise the BIG 1 Booster is a winner.

I had the pleasure of checking one out for a few sessions I was doing here in town and shot some quick impressions before sending it back. While the BIG 1 is intended to be used at the end of an effects chain, I found it very useful in front of my pedalboard as a tone sweetener and boost for gain pedals. Essentially, the BIG 1 can be used in different locations and formats. It's extremely high headroom bandwidth offers up a bevy of tonal options. I particularly loved how the BIG 1 added punch, clarity and girth without losing any of the original tone. You can really hear the natural tone of the instrument and effects when using the BIG 1.

You can find out more about the BIG 1 from Shin-Ei here: https://www.shin-ei.com/#big1

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