Berkos FX Third Stone II Fuzz NEW Demo!


Hello Gearheads! I'm pleased to bring you my newest video demo on the venerable and personal favorite: Berkos FX Third Stone II Fuzz!

For any of you who might know me or have followed my journey through the vast abyss of Fuzz pedals I've tried, owned, and experienced, the Third Stone II has stayed strong and true. It sits really well in a mix, sounds huge when you need it to, and works with every musical context I throw at it.

I wrote a Gearheads blog post on the Third Stone II back in April which can be seen HERE, and am happy to add a full new video demo that shows how I specifically use the fuzz. The Third Stone II was used on all the guitar parts in the demo: Different settings on the pedal itself and on each guitar's volume knob, to attain different gain variations.

Berkos Third Stone II What's Used.jpg

There are a TON of tones in this pedal and even though it's sonic structure is a strong one, there's quite a bit of uniqueness to each layer in the track --- the ultimate compliment in my opinion!

For more information and how to order the Third Stone II check out:

Without further ado, enjoy the demo below!

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Until next time! Happy Tone Hunting!

- M.