Phish ::: Taste


Hello! Today's Weekly Pick is not a new track by any means, in fact it was originally recorded in 1996, but to my ears it feels just as new and exciting as it ever was. I am speaking of Phish's "Taste" -- a time signature bending track that has always held a big spot in this music appreciator's heart. Phish is one of those acts, you either love or hate them but I challenge you --- listen to this bustling piano driven jaunt and try not to enjoy the experience as you float alongside the big rhythms and syncopated melodies.

Phish have always been a part of my musical history and acumen, and "Taste" was the track that got me. Right from the guitar, piano & cowbell intro --- I knew I was hooked. "Billy Breathes" is undoubtedly my favorites release from the Vermont quartet, with "Taste" leading the pack. I hope you enjoy this gem that may have passed under your musical radar. 

Until next time!