KIMOCK ::: Variation


Happy 1st of November & Happy New Music Day here at the Weekly Pick! Today, I'm happy to share a beautiful piece from accomplished guitarist, composer and musician Steve Kimock's (Rat Dog, Phil Lesh & Friends) band project KIMOCK. Their recently released "Satellite City" is a joyful, moody and gorgeous sounding album. Chock full of incredible tones, production & simply tasteful guitar playing... it's exactly the kind of music I love.

"Variation" opens the album with a simple, gorgeous melody and it is just a taste of the type of moody vibe that is to come, ultimately taking us on an instrumental lap steel adventure. Steve Kimock, no stranger to the jam-band world or opening up in a musical context, shines with great musicality within his band, something that's often hard to reach in that particular genre. Leslie Mendelson's vocals lay a precious bed for the rest of the music to rest upon. Lovely music made by great people... what more can you ask for!?

I hope you enjoy this Weekly Pick as much as I did. Talk to you soon!

- M.