MUSA ::: Watch Out


Today's Weekly Pick is a fantastic song from a duo of artists that are very near and dear to my heart. MUSA is an artistic collaboration between Luna Achiary and Johannes Raassina, who are both friends and mutual adventurers on my own musical journey, with Raassina who has been engineering and co-producing the Brian Buckley Band's forthcoming album. Both Achiary & Raassina create some incredible melodic moments on the MUSA debut album. Though I'm featuring one stand-out track today, I highly encourage you to listen and pick up the whole album - You can find it on iTunes here: BUY MUSA. It's big on musicality, powerful hooks and an energy that pulls you inwards toward the beautiful landscapes they create. MUSA is here to open your heart and keep it flowing.

Enjoy "Watch Out" with it's tribal, pulsing power. It's the type of music that invokes a hunger or yearning within one's self... powerful and pure --- exactly what this world needs RIGHT NOW.

Enjoy, and see you soon!

- M.