Jeff Buckley ::: Everybody Here Wants You


Today's Weekly Pick is a choice moment from Jeff Buckley's posthumous album "Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk". "Everybody Here Wants You" is a remarkable tune in many ways, mostly in that whenever I listen I immediately can sense the amount of beauty Buckley was working on. "Sketches" is most certainly a record filled with demos, half finished material, and some mostly finished pieces -- which this track is the latter. Being given the chance to listen to what he was working on is both timeless and heartbreaking, forever entrapped within the double disc.

Like the spirit that was and is Jeff Buckley, "Everybody Here Wants You" haunts my life as I pass from moment to moment. I've heard this song in movies, my own catalog, restaurant soundtracks, a friend's house party... it's often surprising, but always welcome. Buckley is a momentous artist that will always be missed and most importantly cherished by his fans.

Until next week & thanks for listening!