Bill Laurance ::: December In New York


Happy Holidays! Today's Weekly Pick, definitely inspired by the season, is from the incredible Bill Laurance (composer & artist from Snarky Puppy fame). "December In New York" is that unique type of piece that doesn't have to conjure up Christmas, or the holidays for that matter, it just lives and breathes the spirit of the season. Which in turn is ultimately my favorite kind of "holiday" music, understated and rich with emotion.

"December In New York" lends a portrait of a cold and snowy classic east coast vision. One where you can see the steam coming off the streets and families running about in preparation for what's to come. Laurance's piano playing and composition pull the listener along a beautiful journey. It's almost as if we are granted the chance to float along like a feather throughout the boroughs of the beautiful and spirited city while every ebb and flow of the music moves us.

It's the kind of music that sits somewhere between classical, contemporary, jazz and something else, something new. It's in that unknown territory I find my favorite seat next to the fire and where I hope you will, at least if for a moment, enjoy a similar experience. Happy Holidays and see you all very soon!

- M.