Quasi ::: I Never Want To See You Again


Happy New Year! I'd like to kick off 2018 with a blast from my past. The seminal Portland, Oregon based Indie-Rock band Quasi was a force of nature in my musical history. I fell hard for the unique baroque chamber pop punk esthetic that the duo create. Former spouses, Sam Coomes (The Donner Party, Heatmiser)  and Janet Weiss (Sleater-Kinney) are an incredible duo of distorted keyboard tones and smashing drums, fielding some of the coolest music I've ever heard. They are distinctly melodic with their musical flavor, creating a sort of Psychedelic Beach Boys, Beatles meets punk/indie sound. They're a true joy and an important part of my musicology.

"I Never Want To See You Again" from their 1998 album "Birds" is a perfect window into the soul that is Quasi. Loud, dashingly beautiful and pulsing with all the pomp and circumstance that they can muster. From the fantastic harpsichord intro and Ringo Starr-esque drum pattern, to the slow build of a simple song... this is the kind of music that helped me to jump into the unknown. The distorted, beautiful, artfully crafted musicality that's never polished or overthought. This is the music I wanted to find in 1998 and interstingly enough, it's still the music that I'm searching for.

Give me a reason to feel and I will love you forever... Enjoy!

- M.