Leon Bridges ::: Bad Bad News

Hello music-lovers! I wanted to bring you something truly special today via The Weekly Pick, a warm and inviting retro-modern step into the new single from Leon Bridges. "Bad Bad News" is a fantastic jazz meets soul meets modern R&B exploration from Bridges forthcoming album "Good Thing" out May 4th.


"Bad Bad News" as a song itself is pure bliss, I've been listening to it's deeply musical beat and melody via local LA taste-makers's KCRW for the last few weeks, wishing I could hit repeat every time it slips right past my ear. The video, directed by the fantastic Natalie Rae, is a subtle yet explosive case of seemingly simple choreography that really moves. Model and actress Paloma Elsesser portrays a woman on the edge of something truly great, a breakthrough of sorts, with some beautiful moments of movement that appear simple but are completely relatable. As she flows through the city sharing a journey in parallel to Bridges, I found it reminiscent of great dance and movement in the golden era of Hollywood and film. Where class and cool meet, this is the lay of the land here. I absolutely love everything about this song and video and can't wait for the full length to drop next month.

Until next time, happy days and even better musical explorations!

- M.